Funerals and Memorial Services

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Funerals and Memorial Services

If you have been bereaved recently and wish to arrange a funeral at All Saints, a cremation or memorial service, please contact Parish Office on 0191 213 0450 or email the Parish Administrator at We can provide support as well as advising on practical arrangements.

Church of England Funerals

The clergy can help you decide on an order of service to choose and can suggest hymns, music and readings.

Clergy will officiate at funerals at a crematorium or cemetery chapel, as well as funerals held in church. For funerals held in church, we can provide an organist, a choir and verger according to your preference. The Parish Administrator can provide details of fees.

Remembrance and support

Every year at All Souls tide, we hold a special service for all who have died in previous years.

We will write to you inviting you to join us for that service.

All Saints also has a Pastoral Care team who can visit following the service and can provide sensitive listening presence.

You can download our current fees here Fees