Our Vision for 2026

All Saints Renewed Vision for 5 years

We aim by 2026 to be a diverse community of all ages, numbering more than 300 active members, who inspired by our encounter with God are making a real difference in our context. We aim for our worship to be thoughtful, rich, the distinctive musical, liturgical and theological inheritance of All Saints reinterpreted to engage the present. We will be open and receptive to those who feel on the edge.

All Saints aspires to be a grateful and loving community centred on transformation in Jesus Christ. God calls us to seek wisdom with open minds and hearts, trusting that the Spirit will lead us to contemplation and action.

We seek to live a generous life rooted in practices of listening, learning, bible reading, prayer, celebrating the sacraments and loving service.

We are committed to the sustainable future of All Saints, our community, and our planet. We strive for individual and communal accountability and the preservation of our God-given resources, with a view to future generations inheriting a world that is as viable and beautiful as God intends.