All Saints Gosforth Eco Group

This group was formed just before Lent 2018 by four members of All Saints congregation who were concerned about the effect that waste, in particular single-use plastic waste, was having on our planet, both on land and in the oceans.

Since then we have published items in the weekly Newsletter and in Keeping in Touch about waste and other environmental issues. We have set up a number of displays at the parish breakfast, at Christmas Fairs and at Harvest time, with the aims of sharing information and ideas on how lifestyle choices can impact on the environment, and showing what alternatives can be found particularly as regards cleaning and other household materials.

We believe that the sustainability of the Earth that was provided for us by God is up to all of us to maintain.

We have our own Facebook page, so do take a look at it! At the moment we are a closed group, but if you would like to join please contact our Parish Administrator on 0191 213 0450 or email